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Article XXIV


The Author of the Iliad is Either Homer or Someone Else of the Same Name

Whistler's Play
                     James McNeil Whistler on trial
On the Beach

The Third Lie

The Puccini Project

The Miracle of Piaf

Elfriede's Story

Georgia Peach

An O. Henry Christmas

Willie, Mickey & The Duke

The Boy's of Summer

Open Fire

Tannhauser's Gift

The Bird of Quintain

   After escaping wrongful imprisonment, a mysterious storyteller enters an abandoned railroad spur on the outskirts of New York City, Christmas Eve, 1893. In exchange for some hobo stew, "O.P." entertains a rag-tag mix of seemingly lost souls by spinning a few tales, and in the process rekindles the spirit of giving. He magically transforms the crew into players to stage O. Henry's "The Last Leaf" and "The Gift of the Magi," and others. Wordplay, trickery, sentimental holiday fare, this is a heartwarming alternative to all of those Christmas carols.

   "Poignant and comically ironic stories make for a stirring family offering."                              --The  Los Angeles Times

   Based on an actual incident, the play concerns a scandal involving Puccini, his jealous wife Elvira and Doria, a young serving girl who's dismissed and publicly humiliated by Elvira, who accuses her of having an affair with Puccini. When the girl, actually a virgin, subsequently drinks a lethal dose of poison, Elvira winds up being tried on criminal charges.

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